Use the Trail: Verdi Upstream

Note: Fleish Bridge is open for access to River Rock, but the road to Verdi is closed until mid-April for utility construction.

Views of the Truckee River from Fleish Road.

Despite three steep sections, some of the
route is level forested road.

The end of the trail is at Fleish suspension bridge,
rebuilt in 2013.

Trail Description

The utility road from Quilici Ranch to Fleish Bridge is 3.5 miles long, and is shared with TMWA vehicles, which have the right-of-way. There are 4 steep, rocky sections, and therefore the route is not for beginners or children. River views combine with forested areas along this section of the Bikeway. Non-utility motor vehicles and horses are not allowed.

Reno Iron Works was awarded top honors for the Bikeway's Fleish Bridge in the category of "Meeting the Challenge of a Difficult Job--under $500,000" by Associate General Contractors. Congratulations to Reno Iron Works and thank you for doing a great job on our bridge!


The Fleish utility road starts at the end of Quilici Ranch Road in Verdi. Recommended parking for cyclists is at Crystal Peak Park in Verdi. Walkers can park at the end of Quilici Ranch Road. Although access off Interstate 80 has been used by rock climbers for years, it is not the preferred access. At the present time, the Fleish Road is an out-and-back from Verdi.


There are no services of any kind on this trail section. There is cell phone service on most of the route.


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