Use the Trail: Verdi to Sparks

Due to homeless encampments along the river near GSR, you may want to detour onto Glendale and Greg Street for a short distance.

The bike path ends near Larkin Circle and Vista
Blvd in Sparks. Efforts to continue east of here have
been stymied by land owners.

A bike-ped bridge over the Truckee River in Reno.

The Bikeway's first project was this 2005 path
connecting Mogul to Verdi.

Trail Description

The trail along the river through Reno and Sparks has been developed over the years by the two cities and county. A new section was built by the Bikeway to connect Reno to Verdi without cycling on I-80 in 2005. This is the most popular road ride in the area12 miles from downtown Reno to Verdi. The route is mostly on-street bike lanes west of downtown Reno, and a paved, separated path east of there to the end at Vista Blvd. The gradient is very gradualnearly flat except about 1/4 mile climb in Mogul. Get a brochure here.


The trail at Verdi connects upstream as described on the Floriston-Verdi page. Dog Valley road can be ridden all the way to Sierra Valley (dirt) or Stampede Reservoir and from there on a back route to Truckee on Forest Service land. In Reno-Sparks there is a network of urban bike lanes and dirt trails provided by Washoe County Parks and Regional Transportation Commission.


There are abundant lodging and food services in Reno and Sparks, as well as bike shops.


Map Downloads

Download Verdi to Sparks segment overview

Download Section 1 detail (Verdi to West Reno)

Download Section 2 detail (West Reno)

Download Section 3 detail (Reno to Sparks)

Download Section 4 detail (Sparks)