Use the Trail: Wadsworth to Pyramid Lake

Due to difficulty of keeping signs in position, we strongly encourage you to download the maps found here for the Rez Ride.

The Bikeway ends at the shore of Pyramid Lake.
Typical double-track on the Rez near
Numana hatchery.
Part of the trail is on high ground through the sage.

Trail Description

The trail through the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation from Wadsworth to Pyramid Lake was developed by the Bikeway in cooperation with the Tribe. It is 24 miles mostly of compacted dirt, with two fence stiles that must be climbed over.

The gradient of the "Rez" trail is somewhat hilly as shown on the profile and gps trace here. For those not wanting to ride all the way to Pyramid Lake and back, a popular option is to ride from Wadsworth to the Numana Hatchery and back (17 miles total). If you plan to ride at the “Rez”, be sure to get a day-use permit ONLINE, as the Tribe does not always have permits for sale at the Wadsworth Smoke Shop. The Tribal website is here. Permits may also be available at: Mark Fore & Strike, Sportsman's Warehouse, Cabela's, CVS Drug Store, Scheel's, and 7-11 in Spanish Springs.


Eventually, the trail will connect east to Fernley, which can be reached on highway 40 now, and also west to Reno.


There are no services in this area between Wadsworth and Nixon, each of which has a convenience store. There is camping by permit at Big Bend Tribal campground, and lodging and restaurants in Fernley.


Map Downloads

Download Pyramid Lake segment overview

Download Pyramid Lake Detail 1 (Wadsworth to Hatchery)

Download Pyramid Lake Detail 2 (Hatchery to Nixon)

Download Pyramid Lake Detail 3 (Nixon to Pyramid Lake)